Expedition Examiner


Expedition Examiner Guidelines


So you have been asked to be an examiner for a Venturer expedition.  Your prime responsibility is to determine that the Venturers have the Skills, preparation, experience and maturity to safely attempt their proposed expedition.  The safe completion of the journey is the ideal result but more importantly, can the expedition members safely recover from some unexpected situation and take a planned escape route if a party member requires aid or conditions become dangerous?

Do you have personal knowledge as to the experience and abilities of the key journey participants?

Have you sought the relevant Leader’s input and opinion as to the participants’ safely attempting the proposed journey?  Consider having the Venturers Leader present for at least one of your pre expedition meetings with the team.  Involve the Leader in the decision as to whether the expedition is on or not!


Note: For bushwalk or canoe expedition the Examiner must hold Guide qualifications in the proposed element.


Examiner’s Sheet

Type of Expedition:  Walking; Cycling; Canoe; other;

Date and duration of Expedition:

Expedition 1 or Expedition 2   Where is the journey?

Participant’s Leaders are aware of this expedition:

Nominated Home Leader:                                                 and phone number:

Participants’ information: Note that for a Bushwalk expedition the minimum is 5 participants.

Name                           Address                       Phone No.                   Unit







Expedition General Requirements to be covered by the Examiner

  • Parent Consent Forms completed and Activity notification forms ready.
  • Achievable daily targets for distance to be covered.
  • Route to be taken and emergency escape routes.¬† Water sources.
  • Topographical maps (not tourist type maps) Have them demonstrate how to use the maps and compass.¬† Waterways maps if appropriate.
  • Consider a GPS¬† and EPIRB if in remote or extremely difficult terrain.¬† Do they know how and when to activate an EPIRB?¬† Borrow a SPOT tracker.
  • Adequate gear list and menu.¬† Allow for extra food depending on the remoteness.
  • First aid and appropriate safety gear.¬† Two should hold current qualifications.
  • Weather predictions for the journey and tide charts if applicable.
  • Permission from authorities and National Park notification if required.
  • Ensure that journey preparation is distributed amongst those who are nominating for an award.
  • Set a task for award participants ‚Äď it may be an environmental impact study, water quality testing or a report on track conditions and signage to be brought to the attention of appropriate bodies.
  • A log of the journey upon completion and a debrief with the team within 2 weeks of completion.¬† They should advise you when they are safely home.
  • Any other matters that the examiner might determine necessary.

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