Venturers are for young men and women aged 14.5 years to 18 years.

Venturers is a do-it-yourself mix of fun, adventure and personal challenge that will bring you together with other young people who feel the same way.

You may find yourself exploring wilderness Australia, camping above the snowline or diving on coral reefs. You could be abseiling into a limestone cave or climbing a sheer rock face. Perhaps you’ll learn white water kayaking or ride your mountain bike on an expedition across real mountains.

South Metropolitan Region – Venturer Training Courses – 2020

  • Unit Management              28 March 2020
  • Initiative                              28-29 March 2020
  • Leadership                          26-27 September 2020
  • Youth Helper                      17 May, ?? November 2020

Note – you can do either or both of the Unit Management and Initiative Courses, they are run one straight after the other

How to get Scouting Skills (Activity Qualifications) – Scouts Australia Institute of Training

Helpful Info and Tips  –  Feel free to email any suggestions or feedback to Region Office

  • Award Examples              A few ideas for your Unit to consider when looking for awards.
  • Award Expeditions          Some suggested ground rules for your Unit to debate and then establish your own guidelines.                                           (Do your best)
  • Expedition Logs               Don’t know what should go into your Log?” Have a look.
  • Expedition Examiner     You have been asked to be an examiner for an Expedition.  Some things you need to know.
  • Activity Home Leader    All that a home leader needs to know.

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