Try Scouts Badge


What is the Try Scouts Badge

try scouts badgeThe aim of the Try Scouts badge is to encourage Cub Scouts, who are 10 years of age, to interact with their local scout troop by trying Scout section activities both at a Pack and Troop level. The badge does not replace the Scout Link Badge. The Badge is approved by the Troop Council and awarded by the Patrol Leader participating with the Cub Scout.

The Badge should be presented at the end of the last activity. The badge can be worn on the right shoulder of the Cub Scout uniform.

All activities involving Cub Scouts must be supervised by appointed adult leaders as usual.

Badges are only available from the Port Kembla Scout Shop.
Phone: 4274 1193

Badge Requirements

  1. Takes part in a Scout Troop activity for one day out of doors, or Stay overnight with the Troop on an activity.
  2. Take part in a joint activity with the Scout Troop and the Cub Pack


Try Scouts Poster (pdf)


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