Get Out in NSW Scheme


What is the Get Out In NSW Scheme

get out in nswThe Get Out in NSW scheme is a set of five new awards for Scouts in NSW that show you Get Out in Scouting.

There are 5 graded awards to recognise and reward you for taking part in outdoor Scouting activities. The awards are for participation, rather than for showing a level of skill or competence.

All Awards are small cloth badges which can be worn above the flap of the left pocket of the uniform.

out in NSW uniform placement

As these Awards are NSW Scout Section Awards, they will need to be removed after progression to Venturers or when moving Interstate.

Full details of the scheme can be found in the GET Out Guide, which can be downloaded from the downloads section of this page.

Camper Award

camper award

The award is earned according to the number of nights a Scout camps. “Camping” includes all nights spent on Scout activities under canvas or under the stars – but does not include ‘indoor’ camps. Famliy or school camps do not qualify.

There are five awards in the series, for 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 nights away. Each award replaces the previous award earned and therefore only the highest award qualified for is worn.

Walkabout Scout Award

Walkabout award

The award is earned according to the number of kilometres a Scout hikes. “Hiking” means all walking as a Scout on Scout activities including day and overnight trips. There are 10, 50, 100, 150 and 200km levels.

The minimum distance per hike for the first award is 3 Kilometres. The minimum distance for all other hikes is 10 kilometres. Canoe and bike hikes can also qualify but the distance travelled is halved – i.e. a 20 kilometre bike hike counts as 10 kilometres.

There are five awards in the series. Each replaces the previous award earned and therefore only th highest award qualified for is worn. Distances travelled over 200 kilometres are recognised in 50 kilometre increments with additional awards to indicate the total kilometres travelled.

Region Activity Award

region activity award

The award is earned each time a Scout participates in a major Region outdoor activity. The most recent award earned can be worn on the uniform.

Check out the events calendar to find out details of our next Region event.

Jamboree Participation Award

Jamboree participation award

Participants of a Jamboree may wear the ‘Jamboree miniature’ award after attending an Australian Jamboree as a Scout. This award is different from the larger Jamboree badge which is only worn on the uniform for up to 3 months following the Jamboree.

This award is earned by participating in an Australian Jamboree. Wearing the award is not conditional on acheiving the Jamboree Award. Most Scouts will only have one opportunity to attend an Australian Jamboree. A relatively small number of Scouts will get the opportunity to attend 2 Australian Jamborees because of their age. If 2 Jamboree Participation Awards are earned, both awards may be warn at the same time on the Uniform.

Jam-packed Award

Jam-packed award

This award is designed to promote the versatility of Camping and Hiking in the Scout Section and to assist Scours attain sufficient nught under canvas to attend their Jamboree.

To earn this award a Scout must have recorded 12 nights under canvas in a Calendar year and need to separately include:

  • 2 hikes of a least 1 night each
  • 1 hike of at least 1 night that is themed in some way
  • At least 1 Group / District / Region / State camp or hike
  • At least 1 Patrol camp
  • At least 1 camp or hike involving an adventurous activity
  • At least 1 camp of at least 3 nights under canvas

Camps or Hikes can not be consecutive ie Friday / Saturday then Saturday / Sunday in the same weekend, and any one Camp or Hike can not be counted towards more than one requirement.

Downloads available:

1-page poster about the scheme

Get Out Record Book Inserts

Get Out Scheme Overview


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