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Adventurer Level Campcraft JourneyAdventurer Badge

The NSW State Mindari has put together some guidelines as to the conduct of Adventurer level Journey’s. The main points of which are listed here:

  • The journey is to be monitored by an Adult Leader, defined as “Not participating in the journey, but either making arrangements for progress to be reported at various stages by a third party (eg. farmer or NPWS staff), tracking the party from a distance, (not in contact) or meeting the party at various prearranged locations and times”.
  • If a journey by canoe or bike is planned, the distance covered should be extended on the basis that a least 12 hours traveling time extended over three days is required to complete the journey.
  • The journey does not necessarily have to be the last section of the award scheme attempted. However, you should have all the skills necessary to attempt the journey as it is designed to test your ability to achieve at the Adventurer Level. The Troop Council needs to approve your plans along with the District Scout Leader and the Region Commissioner Scouts or a designated Journey Advisor (appointed by the Region Commissioner Scouts).
  • The minimum number of participants in a journey is 5.

Adventurer Journey – Steps to take

A full copy of the procedures and pre journey checklist can be downloaded here

Australian Scout MedallionAustralianScoutMedallion

The Australian Scout Medallion Leadership Project is the final test that a Scout will attempt in the Scout Section, and as such this project is to demonstrate in a practical way the leadership knowledge and skills that they have learned throughout their time within the Scout Section.

The project should be entirely their own work, from idea concept, to the actual project through to the final report. They may however seek advice and council from their leaders, parents, members of their troop or subject experts about the project.

Ideas for the Leadership Project must be based on something that would not be considered as part of their normal duties / responsibilities within their patrol or their troop.

The first step is for the Scout is to develop an idea of what they would like to do for their project, then with the assistance of their Scout Leader to write the project proposal.

The proposal should include,

  1. What the proposed project is to be.
  2. Where and when it will take place.
  3. How it is to be organised.
  4. Who has been delegated what tasks to perform.

After this has been done the proposal should be forwarded to their Regional Commissioner for Scouts, who will then discuss the project with the Scout Leader and the State Commissioner for Scouts, for their approval. Once approval has been given by the State Commissioner for Scouts, the Scout may then commence the organising, undertaking and completion of the project.

Once the project has been completed a final report must be written by the Scout and forwarded to the State Commissioner Scouts via the Regional Commissioner Scouts for approval.

Please remember that for the Australian Scout Medallion to be awarded the Scout must have completed the following items:

  1. Have been awarded their Adventurer level cord.
  2. Have completed a Scout Leadership Course
  3. Have completed the Leadership Project (and all other requirements) prior to their 15th birthday

Click here to download a copy of the Australian Scout Medallion Guidlines

Click here to download a copy of the Guidelines for Leadership Activity

Click here to download an Application for the award of the Australian Scout Medallion

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