The Joey Scout section provides an introduction to Scouting through a wide range of enjoyable activities. The activities are aimed at helping the Joey Scouts learn about themselves, nature, helping others and finding fun in accordance with the Joey Scout theme.

At this age children need experiences which help them learn to work and play in groups, mix with adults outside home and school environments, and develop their physical, intellectual, social and spiritual abilities through active experiences.

The Joey Scouts form what is called a Mob that is made up of no more than 20 children. The Mob is led by at least two adult leaders.  Leaders are not referred to as Mr. or Mrs. but have names from the friends in the Australian bush or Aboriginal names etc eg. Brolga, Bilby

Source: Scouts Australia (NSW) Website


The Joey scout section meets for one hour per week, during late afternoon or early evening. Their meeting should be concluded by 7:30 p.m.


The Joey Scout program should include such ingredients as activities, games, songs, craft, stories and outings. Joey Scouts can also camp and have overnight stays but must have a parent with them. Joey Scout camps are called Mob holidays. Joey scouts can also be included in Family or Group camps as long as they are accompanied by a parent. There is a simple standard opening and closing ceremony where the Joeys salute the flag and remember their promise, law and theme.


Joey Scouts do not work on a badge award scheme. However, there are Challenge Badges, where Mob participation is essential to qualify. These participation badges include the environment challenge, the adventure challenge, the buddy badge and the care and share badge.

The Highest level badge for Joeys is the Joey Promise Challenge,

It is for the Older Joey, to Learn and Understand the Promise and to Learn about Baden Powell, and show the Mob they understand.

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Joey Scout parents are encouraged to assist the Joey Scout leaders in activities in the hall such as craft. As well parents are needed on outings as the ratio for outings is one adult to four children.


  • A Celebration in Sydney City with Joeys from near and far was held on 16/8/15                 Joeys 25th Birthday at Opera House

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