Rock Related Activities

AbseilthumbAbseiling is descending down a rock face using ropes and braking equipment. It can be a fun pursuit on its own whether descending small drops or massive cliffs. This sport is also a valuable skill which opens up the other rock related sports, climbing, canyoning and caving. Abseiling is available to all members of the movement in some form. For example Cubs may abseil up to 8m, Scouts 15m and Joeys may undertake simulated abseiling activities.
ClimbingThumbClimbing may be done in a number of ways:Commercial Rock Gyms – run by a commercial operatorTop Rope Climbing – where the participant is belayed from a fixed point above the climbLead Climbing – where two or more climbers place equipment such as camming devices, stoppers, hexentrics etc to anchor to the rock face.
CavingthumbCaving is the sport of exploring naturally formed caves, above and below, ground. Caves are exciting and unusual places, strange formations and underground passages are there to be explored. They can be categorised into horizontal, which may be walked or crawled through, and vertical, which involves abseiling and ladder climbing. Bungonia and Wee Jasper are popular caving locations close to Sydney.
CanyonThumbCanyoning is an activity for those who have some rock craft experience and are keen for adventure beyond bushwalking and abseiling. Canyoning is a traverse through a river canyon. Basic Canyoning can be “walk-in walk-out” with more advanced canyons involving swimming, abseiling or climbing. Most of the local Canyoning takes place in the Blue Mountains region. Canyoning is challenging but rewarding.

Experience Activities for Youth Members

The Region Activities Team are able to provide assistance in organising Abseiling and Climbing activities for your Pack, Troop or Unit and can lead and support caving and canyoning expeditions. Refer to the contacts below.

Equipment can be hired from the Region equipment store.

Qualifications required

Activity must be under the control of an Instructor or a Leader where participants have a general qualification in the Rock craft discipline.


Instructors can organise and support training activities on request. In addition, the RockSchool activity which runs on the first weekend of every month specifically supports the training of Leaders and Youth Members.

Rockschool is run by the Southern Cross Adventurous Activities Scout Fellowship (SCAASF).  The SCAASF website is at  Within that site are details and links for Rockschool.

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