Scouting today offers dynamic and exciting programs which include Adventurous Activities.Adventurous activities are available in many forms to ALL youth members.The Activities section supports the safe running of these activities through training, setting policy and standards and providing people and equipment.

Activities can be grouped into the key areas below.

AirActivitiesAir Activities Camden Air Base offers camping indoors and out, normally on weekends, public holidays, and school holidays.  The base offers familiarisation flying, pilot training on light aircraft and gliding aircraft, and can provide award scheme activities for all levels. Camden has qualified scouting pilots, who fly all types of aircraft.Camden Air Activities Centre
Camden Aerodrome
Macquarie Grove Rd

Air Activities Base Website:

BushwalkingthumbBushwalking and Alpine More than just walking Bushwalking is about getting out and seeing some magnificent parts of Australia which most people never see. From the simple pleasure of a short walk to the challenge of multiple night treks. See the forests, mountains, rivers and wildlife by bushwalking.Alpine activities are exciting, fun and challenging.
Alpine activities cover four main areas:

  1. Resort Skiing, Boarding, or activities conducted within the vicinity of a commercial resort
  2. Cross country Skiing, snowshoeing, or walking – Day Trips
  3. Camping overnight – Cross country Skiing, snowshoeing, or walking
  4. Walking, camping, or participating in activities in alpine areas in summer months (December to March), where snowfall is not present, but possible.

Alpine activities are exciting, fun and challenging, however due to potential change in weather conditions, participants need to comply with the Alpine Policy, and have suitable qualified people to undertake any activity.

FirstAidthumbFirst Aid All members of the movement are encouraged to have first aid skills and one of the best ways to achieve this is by attending a Workcover approved course.  South Metropolitan Region have a team of “scout” trainers and assessors who are qualified to run St John accredited courses. See our First Aid page for more details.
FlyingFoxthumbFlying Fox A Flying Fox is a system for moving items along an elevated cable.  When you run it down a bit of a slope and put people on it can be heaps of fun.  The Flying Fox has been a popular activity at many recent region events like the Region Camp and the Joey Fun Day.The Region Flying Fox team can be booked for your event. As there is substantial work involved only weekend events with a significant number of participants are a reasonable proposition.Qualifications required
A Flying Fox is a high risk activity and should only be set up and run by Instructors and operators qualified under the NSW Branch Flying Policy.
AbseilthumbRock Related includes Abseiling, Caving, Climbing and Canyoning.  Abseiling can give you that adrenaline rush but once you have gained some skills it opens up some great places that you can only get to by Caving, Climbing and Canyoning. See the Rock Activities page for more information.
CanoeingthumbWater Activities include canoeing, white water, sailing, and power boating.  From a quite paddle up the river,  a fun raft race, to the challenging elements of sailing and white water canoeing to the thrill of power boating and waterskiing.  Water activities are for everyone and they can be fun, they also must be run under the guidelines of the NSW Water Policy. The NSW Scout Water Activities on Sydney Harbour (SWASH) Centre has many water activity days available.
Information about some other activities like diving snorkelling, radio, mountain biking can be found in the Activities Handbook.

Some other events and activities

School for Adventure.

Kirrawee Gang Show.

Activities Equipment

The region’s equipment store has a variety of equipment to support activities.

To make bookings for equipment contact Sue Morris at the Region Office on 9570 4525 or via email on

Skills Qualifications

It is important that the people running activities for our members are capable, to support the safe operation of adventurous activities Scouting has a process of training, skills assessment and recognition.

Currently Scouts Australia is committed to skills training and assessment which aligns with national SIS-10 accreditation.

Activity Notification

Whilst the filling out of these forms can seem like a pain at times, we owe it to the youth members in our care to ensure that the activity is safe.  It is easy to say that nothing will go wrong or that the forms do not apply to this activity but the unexpected does and has happened.

At the very least activity notification is a process of reporting which can improve your Scouting.  Improved information can reduce insurance premiums or result in greater resources being applied to an activity area.

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