Boree Regatta 2020 – COVID Alternative

Boree Regatta – COVID alternative

Details are here for Boree Regatta – COVID-style!

Check out the handbook for fun activities.  I hope you can make use of the options to support your Unit program.

There also seems to be a little confusion.  Hopefully we can answer a couple of your questions here.

Can we order more badges?

  • Yes you can, so long as you have them ordered and paid for by the 31st October.
  • Badges are only being made to order so there will not be spares if anyone misses out.
  • Final numbers are NOT required before 30th September.

Do we have to have final numbers by 30th September?

  • No you don’t.
  • We have asked for you to send us back the Expression of Interest so we can send you the Wide Game after that date.
  • The Wide Game and final details for the knotting challenge will only be sent to those who are interested, so we are not bombarding people with unnecessary ‘junk mail’.

Included with the Wide Game instructions will be a form where you can list the participants so we can track how much interest there has been, and report to both organisations about the success or not of this.

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