South Metropolitan Region covers the southern area of Sydney, bordered by Sydney Harbour to the north, Waterfall and the Royal National Park to the south, the Pacific Ocean in the east and Bass Hill in the west.

Scouting is a worldwide movement that has shaped the development of youth and adults for more than 100 years. Scouts are in every part of our community, and Scouts is the biggest and most successful youth organisation in Australia.

The aim of Scouting is to encourage the physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual development of young people so they may play a constructive role in society as responsible citizens and as members of their local and international communities. This aim is achieved through a strong and active program that inspires young people to do their best and to always be prepared.

Scouts are separated into age-based Sections – Joey Scouts (6-8), Cub Scouts (7.5-11), Scouts (10.5-15), Venturer Scouts (14.5-18) and Rover Scouts (18-25), with each Section taking more responsibility for their own activities as they progress.

We have many active and enthusiastic groups in all areas, so feel free to contact us for details of a group near you.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been a Scout you can join in the adventure… we’ll teach you everything you need to know!

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